Open Studio Workspace

NEW / Availability

Monday through Friday, you get all the perks of working in an art gallery with a community of fellow creatives, entrepreneurs, and those working remotely in Hoboken. Pricing begins at $5/hr to provide for those needing greater flexibility. Read More

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New Art Fair in Hoboken

Coming in October

The VIA brings the New Jersey art world together, with the regions's leading galleries showing the works of over 100 artists. A full program of art world talks takes place each day. Exhibitions and events are also offered by cultural institutions in Hoboken and the surrounding area, creating an exciting, region-wide art week. Check back soon.

Class / Acrylic Painting

Saturdays & Sundays 9a - 12p

This workshop provides an instructor led introduction to painting and is followed by an open format where students are introduced to painting, techniques, and concepts. Saturday Sunday

Class / Wax On

Sundays 1p - 3p

Encaustic is the name for both a wax painting and a painting process involving heat to layer and melt the wax elements onto the canvas. The name encaustic comes from the greek enkaustikos which means “to heat” or “to burn”. Read More

Class / Suminagashi Marbling

Sundays 4p - 6p

Suminagashi is an ancient form of Japanese marbling dates back over 800 years. Colored inks are floated on a bath of clear water and then gently manipulated into delicate and serendipitous patterns. This is a form of mono-printing where no two prints will be exactly the same. Read More

Class / 3D Modeling

Saturdays 4p - 6p

If you have watched “Fixer Upper” on HGTV and were impressed by the 3D models that Joanna Gaines presents to their clients, the program you have seen her use is SketchUp. Learn how to transform your ideas from sketches into 3D with this intuitive and powerful program. Read More

Class / Drawing the Nude

Saturdays 1p - 3p

Figure drawing involves simple materials - pencil / charcoal - as means of discovery. Ideas evolve through the process of the “drawn” language with specific exercises that focus on visual analysis and the skills needed for expressive form. Read More

Class / Adobe Illustrator

Saturdays 7p - 9p

In this workshop, you’ll see how Adobe Illustrator gives you the power to design, draw, and color images quickly and easily. Each workshop contains an assignment that challenges both your creativity and your growing skills with the program. The workshop is designed to let you work at your own level whether you’re just getting started with illustrator or looking to refresh your skills. Read More

Class / Adobe Photoshop

Sundays 7p - 9p

Adobe Photoshop is considered the gold standard in photo editing software. This workshop covers essential skills to successfully use Photoshop to create and edit print and online imagery. Discover the fastest and most effective ways to manipulate and enhance your own photographs in an ordered step-by-step process.  Read More

Residency / Artist

Open Registration

In July, we welcomed Walter John Rodriguez as the first in our new artist residency program. The Field Colony Artist-in-Residence Program offers artists a non-living private studio space for one month in a professional environment that encourages dialogue, creativity, and experimentation. Read More

Event / Hoboken Art and Studio Tour

Friday November 3 - Sunday November 5, 2018

Field Colony was one of the primary stops on the Hoboken Arts and Studio Tour held this past November 3rd through the 5th. Aaron Boucher, the founder of Field Colony, redesigned the logo for this year’s tour and also designed a website that presents current art events in Hoboken. Visit HBKN.ART

Art Exhibit / Collective Shift

March 9 - June 14, 2019

Field Colony is pleased to present an exhibit curated by Jorge Morales featuring the paintings by Mauricio Alzate and the “Fragments” series by Ricardo Roig. Read More