3D Modeling / SketchUp

Aaron Boucher, Field Colony

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3D Modeling

Saturdays / 4pm - 6pm
Cost: $49 / 4 Classes for $149

This workshop is intended for those with little or no 3D modeling or SketchUp experience and are interested in discovering how this program can be used to enhance their capabilities. You will learn the elements of the workspace, how to quickly and accurately generate and develop 3D models, and how to use and import furniture and lighting from 3D warehouse (the world’s largest online library of 3D models) to complete their projects precisely and expediently.

While other 3D modeling programs (Rhino, Max, Maya) are used primarily for complex special effects seen in movies, SketchUp provides a more intuitive interface that enables a streamlined process for turning your ideas into an easier to understand and recognizable three-dimensional model.

After completing this workshop, you will have the skills to build models for personal projects and to enhance client presentations, joining the new wave of 3D designers.

Recommended: A laptop with SketchUp installed and following along will provide the most comprehensive understanding of the program. SketchUp offers their new free online cloud-based program here: https://app.sketchup.com (Must register before use.)