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Monica Adams and Kyle Mogged, Radiance

Meditation & Wellness

Meditation Station

Join the Zen Wizard, Kyle Mogged, at Field Colony for the inauguration of Meditation Station. An event to enhance your spiritual well-being. During this event, you will strengthen the relationship with yourself through meditation, understand how to elevate your own "vibes" to attract what you truly want to manifest in your life and walk away with a wellness practice for life. It's a perfect event if you're curious about how to harness what is stirring inside of you to fully bloom while letting go of stress or overwhelm. Men and women welcomed. Please bring a pen, yoga mat and an open mind.

When: Sundays / 1:00pm - 3:00pm


  • 1:00 pm Doors Open

  • 1:15 pm Intro Talk to Meditation

  • 1:30 pm Guided Meditation

  • 2:00 pm Soul Stretch Journaling

  • 2:30 pm Elevate your Vibrations

  • 3:00 pm Closing Share


  • Stress relieving practice to carry with you for life

  • Higher understanding of self and life path

  • Connection with a community


About Monica Adams

Monica Adams is a mind-hacking meditation teacher on a mission to help personal development junkies align their head with their hearts. She is also the co-creator of Radiance Festival, a transformational music festival, and Operation Muse, an in-office meditation service.

Through her neurolinguistic practitioner skills and spiritual enhancement practices, she turns those who thought "they could never meditate" into avid meditators. She's guided over 500 people in meditation.

As an international meditation & mindset teacher, speaker and retreat facilitator she's shared stages with thought leaders like Eric Thomas, Alexi Panos, and Peter Voogd. She made the "100 Awakened Women To Follow 2018" list for Awakened Magazine.

"All the answers are within" is her favorite quote and lives by that mantra. Even as a coach she wants to ensure you realize no one, no guru, mentor, video, or blog can tell you what is right for you. ONLY YOU can do that. The way to know the answers within is to silence the human mind and connect with your spirit. And THAT she can help you do.

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About Kyle Mogged

Kyle Mogged is a meditation trainer, fitness coach, brand director, and conscious-entrepreneur who combines creative business acumen to inspire, lead, and spread Zen.

Kyle is a co-founder of the Radiance Festival, an event where healers, dreamers and those seeking a community breakthrough to a deeper connection with themselves, others and gain access to approachable holistic practice

You can reach Kyle at