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For most artists / creatives, the ability to earn a living solely from producing work is a true meter of success. The success of those artists / creatives has proven to be statistically challenging though. Even among the highly educated, coursework typically involves theoretical and technical training but lacks some of the basic training for the skills required to turn creativity into a thriving and sustainable business. 

When we set out to build a business, we have more tools available than ever before, thanks to technology, information sharing and social media. However, there are several questions we often face:

  • Is the way you are managing your business in line with the best practices for your field?

  • Is the technology that you are using to drive your business helpful?

  • How do you achieve the right balance between actually being creative and running the business?

In this roundtable, we will focus on these three areas:

  • Planning, Time Management and Productivity
    Learn about goal setting and simple hacks and tools that can help you minimize busy work and ways that you can make technology work for you - even when you are not.

  • Building a Brand
    Learn about the key elements needed to market your work successfully and gain recognition for your brand.

  • Diversifying, Growing and Scaling
    Learn strategies for growing your business, identifying opportunities to generate new revenue streams and how and when to hire the right help to get you to your next goals.

Mondays / 8:00pm - 10:00pm

Cost: Free

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