Drawing the Nude

Drawing the Nude


Live Figure Drawing

Every Saturday from 2 - 3:45pm at Field Colony, we host figure drawing (nude). Observing and interpreting the shape of the human body trains an artist to see almost every form of curve, line, and subtle undulation found in nature.​​

Figure drawing involves simple materials - pencil / charcoal - as means of discovery. Ideas evolve through the process of the “drawn” language with specific exercises that focus on visual analysis and the skills needed for expressive form such as line, tone, mass and illusionistic space.

Rarely do you get to see other artist’s work in process. The group environment allows you to see how others experiment and tackle problems in various ways. You can learn a lot about your own work by seeing a multitude of styles and the multitude of mediums being used.​

Provided Items: Paper, pencil / charcoal

Recommended: Sketchbook, other mediums to work with

When: 2pm - 3:45pm

Cost: $29

Age: 18+ / 12 - 18 (with parent or guardian permission)


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