New Year 2018

Happy New Year from Field Colony

At Field Colony, we are continuing Exhibition 1: Hoboken Artists through January, and planning for new classes, lectures, and upcoming exhibitions for the year.

We are proud to present our first art exhibition featuring nine outstanding emerging and established Hoboken Artists. We opened on December 16th with an artist reception and have extended the exhibition to continue through February 3rd.

The art comprises various styles and mediums and includes acrylic, watercolor, oil, pastels, metal, mixed media, and silver and gold jewelry. Come by to see and support the artist community in Hoboken.

Artists: Omar Abbas, Aaron Boucher, Tim Daly, Jodie Fink, Britt Ford, Tai Lin, Morgan McCue, Ricardo Roig, and Elizabeth Tokoly

We will have a closing reception on Saturday, February 3rd from 7-10pm and invite all of you and your friends and family to come and meet the artists.

Tim Daly.jpg

Sundog with Aurora Contrails Near Abiquiu, 2015
Tim Daly

New Classes for the New Year

With the new year, we are adding a full slate of evening classes.

We will continue hosting Figure Drawing Thursdays with the eighth held this upcoming week. Each class has consistently grown in size and we are thankful to all who have supported this offering.

We are offering classes in:

+ Watercolor Painting
+ Acrylic Painting
+ Digital Graphics
+ Web Design and E-Commerce
+ Writing and Poetry
+ Floral Design
+ Business and Entrepreneurship

We are also hosting a series of lectures on the same subjects above given by artists, designers, entrepreneurs, and business owners to engage and educate our community. 

We are updating our website and are sending out further newsletters with the specifics for each class and lecture as soon as they are available. As always, if you have a suggestion for a class or lecture, please send us an email or come by and talk with us.

Heart for Hearth
Blanket and Coat Drive


We have partnered with Heart for Hearth to be a drop-off to collect gently used blankets and coats for The Hoboken Shelter. 

Donations can be dropped off at Field Colony until Jan 25th and we are thankful to all who have stopped by.

Please help support this great cause. 

Thank you

As we reflect on all of our good fortune over the past year, we are ending this post with a video compiled of moments from our start until now. We hope you take a moment and watch where we began and where we are today.

We look forward to supporting our community of artists and the arts, the entrepreneurs and freelancers, and all of you who have supported and encouraged us along the way.

See you soon.

Aaron and Laura

Field Colony


Hi. Welcome to the new website for FIELD COLONY. On this site, you will be able to book classes in the arts and design and co-working space for our first location in Hoboken.

The idea to start this space first came to me almost ten years ago while I was living and working in Brooklyn. Many of my friends, like myself, worked in creative fields but didn't have a venue to collaborate in. There was hope when an artist collective, 3rd Ward, opened in the summer of 2006 in Bushwick (a neighborhood in Brooklyn). I was among the first members to join and enjoyed working in their wood and metal shop as well as attending their weekly figure drawing class, Drink n Draw. I invited and introduced my friends to this class to further their exposure to the art of drawing and this venue for the arts.

Years later, I fell in love with a woman from Bergen county (now my wife) and we moved to Hoboken and made it our home. We have been here at 10th and Garden for the past seven years and love this city. I tell all my Brooklyn friends how lucky I am to be here. 

Years ago, my wife and I experienced the art scene in Hoboken more profoundly when we visited the Neumann Building and the Monroe Center during an open studios event. During this visit, I became even more enamored with the city and began actively inquiring about studio availability. 

However, it soon became clear that it was impossible to find a studio for a reasonable amount.

In the last few years the Monroe Center has undergone a complete renovation for the benefit of the tenants and their patrons. A controversial renovation is on the boards for the Neumann Building that includes luxury residences and the potential for demolishing parts of the historic art community. These renovations that provide a safer environment for the artists have come at a premium and have push many artists to move away in search of affordable studios. Larger business have consequently moved in and have reduced the amount of studios available to artists. This result is not uncommon and one that artists have experienced for years in SoHo, Chelsea, the East Village, Williamsburg, and in the before mentioned Bushwick. 

In order to provide a space for myself and my fellow artists and designers, I recognized that a solution required finding and acquiring a location that provided space at a reasonable cost for its members and encouraged learning and practice in the arts and design for our community. Years of searching in Hoboken has led to the establishment of FIELD COLONY.

I look forward to providing this venue for you to continue and pursue learning and enlightenment in the arts and design. If you have any questions or suggestions on how to improve our offerings, please let me know. With change comes growth.

Best, Aaron

In the coming weeks before opening, we will be adding informative documents that outline what you will be learning for each class and a forum to share what you have learned with other members. 

We will also be adding private classes for one-on-one learning as well as developing more class topics to further your exposure to the arts and design. 

Speaking of design in action, you may have seen one of our posters in your coffee shop advertising our upcoming opening and class offerings.

This poster illustrates a segment of the techniques you will learn after taking our Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator classes. The primary difference of the two programs is the format of the file you are working with; raster (images) for Photoshop and vector (lines, fields, and text) for Illustrator. You will learn in our classes how to use both programs and what the advantages for each are. 

To illustrate the origin of the above poster, see the original photo I took below.

We look forward to sharing our knowledge and helping you to further your ideas. Please check back as we will be adding further updates as the opening day approaches.

Aaron Boucher